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Natural Colour

Very light brown colour of paper. May also be called antique, cream, ivory, off-white or mellow white.


Signatures assembled inside one another in the proper sequence for binding, as compared to gathered. Also called inset.

Neutral Gray

Gray with no hue or cast.

News Print

Paper used in printing newspapers. Considered low quality and "a short life use."

Newton Ring

Flaw in a photograph or halftone that looks like a drop of oil or water.


In the book binding process, a stage where air is expelled from it's contents at the sewing stage.

Nonheatset Web

Web press without a drying oven, thus not able to print on coated paper. Also called cold-set web and open web.

Nonimpact Printing

Printing using lasers, ions, ink jets or heat to transfer images to paper.

Nonreproducing Blue

Light blue that does not record on graphic arts film, therefore may be used to preprint layout grids and write instructions on mechanicals. Also called blue pencil, drop-out blue, fade-out blue and nonrepro blue.

Novelty Printing

Printing on products such as coasters, pencils, balloons, golf balls and ashtrays, known as advertising specialties or premiums.