Green Initiatives

Grass Sky

From office waste to paper trimmings, reducing, reusing and recycling is a way of life at Aben Graphics.

We recycle all our office paper, cans, plastic bottles and other typical household materials.

We recycle all paper trimmings used in the printing process and corrugated cardboard used in paper packaging is also recycled.

Our pressroom runs alcohol-free, reduces VOC's, improves air quality, creating a healthier environment for our staff.

Press make ready sheets are reused and recycled.

Aluminum plates used in the printing process are collected and recycled. They go for refining and are re-used in any type of aluminum or mixed alloy product. They end up recycled into more printing plates, siding for houses, screen doors…

Silver from film is refined to become other silver products such as more film, jewelry, or other mixed alloy products. After the silver emulsion is removed from the plastic. The plastic is then recycled back into more film, used in denim, composite wood park benches…

Damaged paper rolls are donated and deliveried to local schools and reused for classroom painting and crafts.

Our waste ink is collected and re-used in cement kilns to control the heat.